About Us

The Support Corporation provides high quality services in advertising, promotion area for all companies.

We design and manufacture the most effective advertising tool — custom-made calendars.

People refer to their calendars 4 or 5 times a day. By distributing just 100 imprinted personalized calendars you can be viewed up to 500 times a day. Annually, this is an exposure of over 100,000 positive images.

Support Corporation offers you:

  1. Targeted marketing exposure at very low cost

  2. Long-lasting advertising all year round

  3. A custom-made and personalized gift idea

  4. Elegant and stylish appearance

  5. The convenience of seeing three months at a time

Learn moreabout our calendars amazing branding and advertising versatility.

Clients and potential clients ask for calendars. It’s the only form of advertising that people do ask for.

We have hundreds of clients in all fields of industry:

  • Engineering companies;
  • Logistics companies;
  • Furniture companies;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Real-estate brokers;
  • Marketing companies;
  • Transport companies;
  • Trucking companies;
  • Light Technology companies;
  • Automation companies;
  • Newspapers and magazines;
  • Mass media companies;
  • Food, foodservice and Catering companies;
  • Auto parts suppliers companies;
  • Auto dealers companies;
  • Warranty and Protection companies;
  • Cargo services;
  • Appliances companies;
  • Internet and phone services;
  • Barrister and Solicitor companies;
  • International Freight companies;
  • Computer and electronics companies;
  • Accounting and bookkeeping companies;
  • Banks;
  • Chemical production companies;
  • Printing and Packaging companies;
  • Moving and storage companies;
  • Flowers and Decoration companies;
  • Jewelry and Precious Things;
  • Dentist offices;
  • Medical Supplies companies;
  • Construction and renovation companies;
  • Casinos and entertainment companies;
  • Fashion companies;
  • Hair Salons and Spa;
  • Car repair companies;
  • Employment agencies;
  • Chamber of Commerce;
  • Embassies;
  • Law and Lawyers offices;
  • Books store and Library;
  • Property management companies;
  • Schools and Colleges;
  • Heavy equipment companies;
  • Machine Tools companies;
  • Community Centers

and many other companies, please viewour samples gallery.

All our calendars are made in North America, and beat any competitor by an optimal combination of highest quality and lowest price.