Why Support Calendar is the most effective Advertising Tool?

LOW COST - It is an inexpensive, effective custom promotional tool. Quality calendars -gifts- outperforms TV, radio, or any other form of media when considering cost. Do the math - if it cost $5 and it is looked at twice a day in a business 250 days a year, that only costs you a penny of advertising!

PEOPLE REMEMBER - People depend on them. Clients get accustomed to receiving the same custom calendar year after year, and more importantly, they remember who supplied it. When businesses stop sending one out, customers call up and ask, "Where's the calendar you always send me every year?" Statistics show that recipients really patronize the business that gave them a calendar, building long-term loyalty between the customers and advertiser. 85% of home calendar users do business with the firm that supplied the calendar. You can put that information in you date book!

AD EXPOSURE - Your message is in front of everyone who views the calendar, 3-20 times/day, 24/7, 365 days a year! It doesn't get much better than that! What a way to display an Advertising Message.

CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION - Mail it, personal delivery, or allow the customers to come in and pick it up. Wasted circulation is eliminated, as the calendar -gifts- is given to the exact desired recipient. An easy item to distribute, 98% of all custom calendars will end up in the hands of a customer or a potential customer. promotional calendars

HOLIDAY GIFT - Due to their functionality, people appreciate calendars -gifts- and tend to consider them as gifts rather than an advertisement. Since many advertising calendars have a December top sheet making it useful and appreciated right away. You can gives these calendars away at Thanksgiving, before the barrage of Christmas gifts, and the Advertising Message is put to work immediately.

VARIETY - Within a calendar style, you can often select several themes to satisfy the tastes of many different types of customers, whether it be something pretty, patriotic, informative, humorous, artsy, inspirational, or just plain. Choose from a variety of styles - everything from a wall calendar, desk promotional calendar and blotter, or wallet-size, to peel-and-stick, electronic, mouse pad calendar and day a planner.

UTILITY VALUE - All but guaranteed to be around for a full year, a calendar is purposely and continually referred to and written on each day, several times per day, making them prime real estate for an add message. A calendar actually gains value over the course of its life. Appointments, notes, important phone numbers, contacts, memos,expenses, etc. allows the calendar to become an integral part of its user's;life and may even be saved when the year ends. 65% of all home and business calendar users note appointments on their calendar, making it one of the most functional giveaway items, displaying the advertising message.

BUILDING AN IMAGE - Prospects tend to identify a calendar with success, stability, and "name-brand" appeal, and build good will.

NOT JUST FOR KEEPING TRACK OF DATES - As a marketing tool, a calendar can be used in campaigns for boosting store traffic, safety programs, improving public relations, commemorating special occasions, as business gifts, employee motivation, thank you gifts, product illustrations, identity building, point of purchase, door openers, trade-show giveaways, holiday gifts and for fundraiser's.

CUSTOMIZATION AND SPECIALIZATION - A calendar offers a relatively large space to tell the advertiser's story. Add special events, offer coupons, or other added value tips. Custom photos and images offer the ability to feature products, facilities, or hometowns. You can also select a calendar that compliments the corporate colors, logo, or personnel.